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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Can you run Windows Restore from the Command Line?

Our Buddy over @ Bauer-Power had an exciting time running system restore from the command line. Check it out.

I had a computer today that reacted a little funny to an install of McAfee Virus Scan. After the reboot it didn't agree with McAfee's OnAccess drivers. Long story short it would give me a BSOD at reboot. I tried Last Known Good, but then it would hang indefinitely. I tried to boot into safe mode (without networking), that was a no-go also, it too would just hang indefinitely. All I wanted to do was a simple system restore!!!

Never fear, Captain Command line is here! I rebooted into safe mode with command prompt. It booted right up. I logged in and like clockwork, got only the command prompt. I ran the following command:


The system restore GUI popped up and I was able to restore to before the install. Thanks Captain Command line.

[Originally Posted On Bauer-Power By El Di Pablo]

If you run into an access denied even though you are an admin trying to access system32:

El Di Pablo said...
Also, if you're administrator, you can change the permissions from command line (Not from recovery console though). If you're administrator, you can change the permission for the system volume information by running:

cacls "System Volume Information" /P Administrator:F system:F