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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is there any way to improve Edge speeds on my iPhone? Does my iPhone have an antenna?

We just learned from several readers who I guess actually read the user manual of their shinny new iPhones. We were pointed to a post on That post pointed out a fact that a lot of us missed when reading our manual. You didn't read the manual - hmmm neither did I. Seeming this popular uber gadget didn't ship with any flavor of 3G goodness lets help you guys to achieve - whopping 60+ kbps speeds... (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

So check out this (We can't call it a hack) method of intended use on your iPhone. Lets call it the iPhone anti-hack. Go get your better download speeds and stop absorbing all those evil radio waves. Hmmm Better speeds and less radiation! What a concept. Thanks Cr.Eations.Net, Linda and Jason for the nfo. (By the way what do you guys think of our random quotes??)

For me it's been quite obvious but I am surprised how many iPhone owners I see complaining about EDGE speeds when they're covering the antenna (that black plastic area on the back of the phone) with their hand. A very useful tip for those using EDGE: Take your hand off the antenna! Your meaty fingers are absorbing all the Internet packets. The advantage is especially obvious when you have low signal strength - but even when I have full bars, I see a 50% speed increase when my flesh isn't absorbing all of those radio waves.

Let's not forget that the warning manual that comes with the iPhone (you did read it, didn't you?) says your flesh must remain three-quarter inches away from that antenna otherwise you exceed FCC limits for radio exposure. []