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Friday, August 31, 2007

Do you want to know the answer to every question?

of Course you do... Who wouldn't right??

Well This is utterly amazing... I didn't really grasp how cool it was until I used it... I dialed up 23907 and hit send text message and typed out my text query...ABOUT [topic]

about wikipedia

And I got back a link dumb quick which put me into wikipedia mobile with the word spelled out phonetically and quick links to more information. In a matter of seconds I now know as of August 1st 2007 Wikipedia has 7.9 million articles. 1.932 million are in English....

You can also do NEWS [topic] and pull links for recent headlines.

Wow now I too can be the life of the party... Winner of all things trivia... Geek of all geeks. Yeah the last one is probably the closest to reality. So geek out to yourself but have the option :)

SMS service GoLive! Mobile now offers a convenient text messaging interface to
the Wikipedia. Text the words about to short code


and you'll get back a link to a mobile-friendly, shortened Wikipedia page. This is fantastic for quick trivia look-ups on the go - but it does require that you can surf the web on your cell phone. (If only they texted you back the results...) Just beware of GoLive! Mobile's homepage, which features an annoying "Chat with us!" box that floats back and forth across the screen. Also, your mobile plan's regular SMS charges apply. [From Micro Persuasion via Lifehacker]

Search Wikipedia and RSS News Feeds via SMS

If your phone isn't web ready then you can use this pure text message yahoo... quick read this here...AtA