Do you do thin clients? AtA is waiting for our Hp 2533t to arrive. ~ Ask The Admin

Monday, May 19, 2008

Do you do thin clients? AtA is waiting for our Hp 2533t to arrive.

The embargo was lifted early this morning and I can now share with you the specs from HP's new Thin client line. Our 2533t is on it's way for us now. This little 3 pounder with 12.1 inch screen has no moving part and is beautifully engineered after an aircraft. This is the thin client to rule all thin clients. And if you don't know what a thin client is here we go... wikipedia link

With no movable parts and a solid state drive there are MUCH less points of failure on this little guy. Also with all of the computing happening server side you can feel confident in the fact you have added another layer of security to your enterprise. As all data is stored and processed on the back end!

From HP's Press Release:

The HP 2533t weighs only three pounds and features a 12.1-inch diagonal widescreen LED display, adding a smaller and lighter option to the portfolio’s previously introduced 15.4-inch HP 6720t Mobile Thin Client. Integrated Wi-Fi certified WLAN provides access to the Internet, email and instant messaging while at work, home or any favorite hotspot, along with support for 3G broadband wireless via PC memory card slot...

...In addition, HP announced a portfolio of Citrix-Ready thin clients and blade client products is now available with Citrix XenDesktop, as well as being certified by VMware Inc. for compatibility with its VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

I can't wait for the damn delivery dude to come...

Strangely enough his name is Newman so every time he shows up I make it a point to say...

"Helllllllllo Neeeeeewman."