Lets play catch up with AskTheAdmin. ~ Ask The Admin

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lets play catch up with AskTheAdmin.

We saw loads of issues this past week with Feedburner, Google PR and angry midgets. What can I say except we made it through and our stats are looking better than ever. Except for some heavily dinged knee caps we came out ahead! And now here are some of our top stories you might have missed... And as always we have changed each of their titles to drive you crazy... Enjoy!

If geeks ran our TV lineups what would they look like? (PIC)

Where is my server's hard drive space going??
Walk out of the shower recharged or at least very shakey! (review)
How can I configure a Static IP on my Ubuntu Server?
Why does Word keep flucking closing on me? What is safe mode??
Letter on your keyboard busted? Easy quick solution!
Prevent Apps from pinning themselves to your start menu!
Free Exchange server to keep you and your partners in sync?
WOL? WTF is that? Save $$$!
System Admin Day Awareness Video. (PSA)
How do you copy a files path?