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Thursday, April 03, 2008

A First look at Roxio's Toast 9 Titanium and a Giveaway! We got an iPod for you!

We covered Toast 8 a little while back for the Mac and now here we are with our upgraded version 9 Titanium...

Lets show you what's new so you can decide if its worth a $60 upgrade or to justify the $80 ($100 minus a $20 rebate) retail box.

We will also have a contest for YOU to win your self a f
ree copy with the Blu Ray plugin and a iPod Nano!

Toast 9 brings you some great media streaming features . Part of the new suite is an app called Streamer. This little guy that lets you...

(Wait for it)

Yes it lets you stream video to a PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPod touch over your network and over the Internet. Yes I said over the internet! Start your drooling NOW!

As we said in our recent TiVo series Roxio shows mad TiVo love and now they have allowed me to automate some of my media tasks and give me sling-boxesque streaming to my mobile or laptop on the go!

Toast 8 had support for Blu Ray and HDdvd data disks and now with a $20 plug-in you can not only burn those HD quality movies onto Blu Ray Disks but you can also chop them up and watch HD quality off of a normal plain Jane DVD-R! You will never fit a whole movie on a single disk but for you anti-early adopters this might be a way to get your HD Fix!

Toast works with OS X 10.4 or later, and supports G4 or better-equipped Macs, including Intel Macs.

All you have to do to win a Free copy of Toast 9 Titanium, The Blu Ray Plugin and A Silver iPod Nano is sign up for our RSS feed via email (on the right), Comment on this post, or email me at contests at asktheadmin.com. You will get one entry each for each of these tasks. You can also blog about this contest with a link to this post and we will give you 10 entries.

It looks like our winners of the last Roxio contest have just gotten their swag! You could be next!

Special thanks go to our Roxio contact and amazing PR Rep Kara Whittington. You rock!