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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Can I save my searches to reuse them in Vista?

So are you wondering why you would want to save your searches?

Think about it... How would you like the ability to dynamically find the items you need with a saved search? So the boss called and said - I need all the purchase orders less than a months old and tagged Smith?

How about Power Point Presentations created by your partner in the past two weeks?

All of those with the letter z in the title?

Just the ones with the word NEW in the file name? We see your creating crazy searches and we know you hate to have to recreate em' each time. Do you want to make it a little easier on your self?? Save them searches!

You can do it easily! Just follow these steps:

  1. Browse as normal to Start Search.
  2. Type any characters in the search box (a star works great because, as a wildcard, it won't restrict the search once you save it)
  3. then click Advanced Search. Modify the fields however you want and when you are satisified,
  4. click Save Search.

From Microsoft's Website:

Depending upon how often you search for a certain group of files, you might want to take advantage of Windows Vista's new Search Folders, too. These are searches that run instantly when you click them—you don't even need to insert a search term after the first time you run a search and save it.

You can use the preconfigured searches that Windows Vista offers, such as Recent Documents (which shows you all recently used documents on your computer), or you can set up your own searches.

To set up your own Search Folders, click Start and click your personal folder. In your personal folder navigation pane, click Searches to bring up the program "searches." Click the program and the Search Folders window will appear.

Next, type in the information that you want to search for in the search box at the top right of the Searches window. In the example shown here, I typed in Microsoft. Then I clicked Save Search to save the search. Now, the next time I'm looking for information related to Microsoft, I just click my personal folder and select the Microsoft search from my Search Folders.

And you now have a custom search saved for you! You can set up several of them for your most popular search terms. Anyone else using this out there in Admin land?