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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Unboxing the HP Media Vault 5140!

I love getting stuff in the mail and this weekend HP sent us a review unit of their HP Media Vault mv5140. So this box is suppose to not only make all of my documents shareable to password protected accounts in house and via the web, create a photo sharing website AND be a central iTunes repository but, It also backs up your files automagically and can use versioning or revisions.

That means it can keep up to 7 versions of your documents. So after YOU drunkenly modify a spreadsheet and maliciously save over it - I can just recover the last version from this nifty box.

As you can see above it really is nifty looking; very futuristic. I plugged it in and was got some instant gratification as the pretty multi-colored LED lights started to glow. I broke out a home grade Linksys router and plugged the little guy in via Ethernet. Doesn't it look cute and right at home with the other office essentials peripherals like the TiVo and the Philips Divx player.

So we will give the newest rendition of the Media Vault a run for its money and load up tons of porn Bootlegs Evil Plans For World Domination appropriate work documents. In all actuality I will give the Photo Server a go with my 200 gigz of baby pictures. Yes I have amassed that many pictures in the last 4 months. I am sure that will make wifey love this thing as well.

And isn't that what its all about?

Or is that the Hokey Pokey?

Either which way thanks a million HP, Marco and crew you guys seriously rock! Who would have thought I would find myself on the border of HP Fan-boydom...

Stay tuned for the full out review of this baby... Full review here...