Why would I add a second tivo to my network? ~ Ask The Admin

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why would I add a second tivo to my network?

You mean why would you want to add another TiVo to your home BESIDES THE FACT, you won't have to go through bloop bloop withdrawal and watch commercials when you are in the non-Tivo'ed up room?

I recently got a new TiVo and after getting her all plugged in and on the network I realized this gave me some cool new options. I already had the TiVo Desktop going and could move stuff to and from my box but it was slow and really didn't float my boat.

Hey if I wanted to watch something that was on the computer I pushed it to my memory stick or DVD and threw it into my Philips Divx Dvd player (Now $36 whole dollars from Amazon!) - end of story.

Now I had options. I could access any show on either TiVo from either TV. Right away thats cool. Each tivo has its own personality and records different types of
porn stuff that I might want to see in private a different room. Add to that being able to access my computers music from either TV and it's connected sound system, View my online photos or download some Un-Boxed crap from Amazon (There is a lot of free stuff hiding in between the $5.00 episodes of crap)

So this new TiVo was on the wireless network as opposed to my other baby which sits next to the router in all its 100mbps glory. I really didn't go into this with much expectations for throwing around multi-gig media files over wifi.

I was happily mistaken.

The shows start immediately and saves faster than I can watch it. If you give it a 5 minute head start you won't have to watch commercials.

But if you are all wired up and both tivo's are playing nicey nicey with your router/switch you can start up the show and be fast forwarding in NO TIME! Very nice. Our only gripe was that Amazon won't let you start watching downloaded content until its finished downloading... This blows! Can we fix that guys?? If I want a delay I'll BitTorrent it and another incident like that will put me back onto Cablevision's On Demand Crap!

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