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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can I run WinIpCfg on Windows XP or 2000?

Mary Ann writes to us that she misses the graphical WinIpCfg.exe that came with Windows 98 and ME. She wants to throw it on a memory stick for quick access to IP information and a GUI for editing those numbers - you know like back in the day.

No worries Mary Ann we have got an exact replica from Microsoft's Windows 2000 Resource Kit that will have you feel like you are time traveling back to use IpConfig! Feeling Nostalgic?

That's right you too can be typing in WinIpCfg in your run bar once again!

We Do find it strange the big MS gave it the Axe in 2000. But they have done weirder things - these are the same people that gave us, Clippy the dancing paper clip, to be your virtual personal assistant.

You can grab the installer right from Microsoft here.