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Friday, March 07, 2008

Where can I find some cool free online games?

Joanne in Brooklyn wants to pass the time while her boss is out of time and get some game playing going on her flat panel monitor. What is she suppose to do... Work?

She was tired of playing solitaire we pointed her to the Google Image labeler that got me addicted a while back but no that wasn't good enough! She wanted a collection of online games something about ADD and having an attention span of a baby.

Well we frequent a site called Kongregate which has all sorts of free gaming goodness. Check out this list of the New York Times Favorite Games.

Check out Portal, Monsters Den and 5 differences just to name a few!

Kongregate has been called the YouTube of Flash games! It hosts loads of original games and games you have seen before. They are created a community of developers and a community of over 3 million unique game players a day come to play the addicting on line games! If you haven't been here before definitely check them out...

But only when you have some serious time to kill!