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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Can I get multi-city Craig's List listings on a single page?

This question came in and it struck a personal note for me because it was something that would have made me from a year ago a lot more productive.

I used to make some serious cheddar trolling craigs list looking for tech work. That was when I had so much time on my hands I didn't know what to do with myself. Nowadays with a full time job, consulting company, AskTheAdmin and don't forget My Wife and Baby Daughter...

There isn't time for much else. Don't get me wrong I loved the work as most of it was done remotely and The Admin got paid immediately via paypal or something similar. I love doing the troubleshooting - break fix thing and that certainly helps!

It just took me forever to search all the different cities in the world looking for my super secret keywords which you can see below:

That is where comes into play. Their motto was the first thing that caught our geek-dar*.

(*Sort of like radar but senses cool geeky stuff... Hmm more like Spider-sense but.... Yeah I know I should stop there.) So Web 2.0 we don't need vowels.

What they do is give you a way to easily search all the different cities for the same keywords by simply clicking on another cities link when you are ready. Very nice and a great time saver.

Nice one guys. Do yoou have another method of doing this? Do you use Craigslist for something unique and original? Put us on in the comments.