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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Is there a free site like Experts Exchange?

Happy Saturday guys! Your very own Admin aka Karl L. Gechlik has a new post up on the world famous answering this very question.

Check out this excerpt and if you are into it, go check out the post! Show us some love! Comment and let them know who sent ya!

Hey MUO readers! For those of you that know me, you’ll also know how much I LOVE FREE stuff. I use lots of different methods to try and find answers. Search engines, asking my group of international admin’s and finally other web resources.

My company has had a subscription to Experts Exchange for a long while now. I guess I got spoiled because when the subscription ran out and the big wigs decided it was a waste of money expendable I started looking for a new solution with just as much information online. I searched for a while until I came upon IT Knowledge Exchange. It was just what I was looking for….a free version of Experts Exchange. A user-powered tech support community. I started by looking through their database of questions and found some interesting tid-bits. [Continue Reading...]

What do you guys use for free tech support (other than AtA of course!) Do you pay for a service or are you all about the freebies as well? Shout us out in the comments here or there! Stand up AtA Readers and make your voice heard!