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Sunday, March 09, 2008

I moved my window off screen. Can you help me get it back?

From AtA's earlier days:

Reader Elizabeth (who knew we had so many female readers!) wrote to us that she moved her Word document off the screen so she can only see the bottom half of it.

She didn't save it and can not move or close it. We have all done this before, moving windows around willey nilley to see whats behind it or just to see the pretty trails... for fun :).

No matter what program you are using or why you did it you can use a quick keyboard combo to remedy your situation.

Alt + Space Bar

Go ahead try it out - we'll wait...

You see you get a menu in the upper left corner that allows you to move, resize, maximize, minimize or close the window. Now even if that menu is off the screen you can hit the letter of the command you want and Windows will issue it. For example we moved our browser off screen and want to get it back.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to hit Alt + Space Bar and then X to maximize the window. Try it out - it works like a charm. You can also hit Alt + Space Bar and then M to move the window. Then you use your arrow keys to move it all about (Very Hokey Pokey-esque eh?) Alt + Space Bar and then N will minimize your window to the taskbar and finally C will close the window. X maximizes and C closes - got it?


Feeling the keyboard shortcuts? Shift F10 is the same thing as right clicking...