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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Convert that .tivo file! Download, strip and rip part two.

So now you have downloaded that .Tivo file from your tivo's hidden web server... Now what?

Like we told you before your show is in there under a pseudo encryption based on your media access key. To perform our next trick we will be using a free tool called Direct Show Dump (DSD). This tiny 500k file will fix YOUR .TiVo files and quickly I might add.

I added the YOUR to the last sentence because I tried stripping my buddy's .TiVo file ad that didn't work i tried loading up the latest and greatest TiVo desktop but still no go. Looking back at Zatz site he said:

TiVo Desktop software installs software (a DirectShow DLL) which is needed to unlock your .tivo file.
I tried a .TiVo file from my own TiVo and Direct Show Dump stripped it for me in about 20 seconds. So it seems that you need TiVo desktop 2.4 or better loaded up with your media access key. (There is a second method that will work regardless of the TiVo desktop but it is harder and takes a bit longer)

Now that you have TiVo Desktop loaded up and downloaded DSD, we can get to ripping. Fire up the DSD application on your start menu and point it towards your .TiVo file and right click and convert.

When it's done - you have a MPG file that you can use however you want! Burn a DVD, take the file with you on your Windows Mobile device or just save a backup to your favorite file server!

I am within my legal limits here right?
This is their logo right?

So if this is that easy I bet I could load shows onto my TiVo as well or maybe automate ripping shows for my mobile on the go! Stay tuned for the last part of our geeky TiVo goodness tomorrow!

Oh and lets try not to rip these files and put them on file sharing networks kids. Fair use is fair use but piracy is piracy ;) Another quote from Zatz Site:

TiVoToGo files, having the .tivo extension, are essentially encrypted and fingerprinted mpeg files. MPEG is a common video format. Your unique Media Access Key (MAK) is appended to all shows as text, and perhaps embedded as a watermark in other ways. The TiVo Desktop software includes a .dll that is used to decrypt, or unlock, your show using your MAK. TiVo files can be viewed, converted, edited, transferred, and/or burned.
Thanks Dave it seems like you have your DVR expertise down pat!