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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Every episode of Southpark is on line FOR FREE!

Oh my god they killed the T.V. ...
You bastards!

That's right now you can watch South Park in all is over the top glory on line with out being a pirate (arrrr). Comedy central is serving up streaming goodness of your favorite show. I would go into more detail but Matt Buchanan of Gizmodo fame seems to break it down quite nicely here:

Taking a page out of the Hulu playbook, but awesomer, the South Park guys are streaming every single South Park episode in full at their official site, South Park Studios. What they get right: Streams are fast and vid quality is solid; every episode, from first to most recent is available (with one exception); and newer ones are uncensored. Yep, you actually get to hear your favorite childrens scream "What the fuck is going on?" in the Britney ep. Major point of suck: ads...

Update: Another reason living in Canada sucks: No access for Canadians.

Without further ado here is the link to go waste some time.
Hmm the new Britney episode... This should be good! What's your favorite episode? Or do you hate The South Park? Sound off in the comments!