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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Can I get Vista's fonts for free on XP...Legally?

The guys over at Ghacks are awesome and obviously not just for Google hacks check out this gem...

Today boys and girls we are going to learn how to get Vista's Clear Type fonts for FREE! Just like AtA likes it!

As I said before the guys over at Ghacks helped me out today when I needed to get these Vista-esque fonts for a sales rep on the go. They were using XP and being very adamant about having the clean looking smooth Vista fonts for his presentation. Wait there's more! The presentation was in 10 minutes! ..Gasp..

Sure on a normal day when I had more time I might have gone for one of my Vista install cd's or hit up some of my less reputable search engines. But after a quick google I found the above article pointing me to download the FREE Power Point 2007 Viewer.

I remotely connected to the sales dude's laptop via my single click vnc link. I pushed the small installer on over to his machine. Installed it and just like that... We had Vista fonts! Score.

In case I didn't say Ghacks enough let me say it again... Thanks GHACKS you guys rock.