WickedLaser Contest Winner and AtA has a run in with the law. ~ Ask The Admin

Friday, February 08, 2008

WickedLaser Contest Winner and AtA has a run in with the law.

Hey, Hey, Hey AtA I loves me some giveaways!

Happy Friday boys and girls. Let me start by saying thank you for the overwhelming response we got to this contest - even if the lot of you can't follow the rules. Who needs stinking directions, right?


Wrong! We got more email entries than comments and sadly we said we were only accepting comments. I did email each of you informing you of this but most did not listen or respond. We have to be fair to those that played by the rules. So that being said out of the 46 valid entries our randomizer robots choose NinjaAdmin.

A big AtA congratulations goes out to long time reader NinjaAdmin. He is the winner of our Wicked Lasers Elite Laser Contest.

We will be sending NinjaAdmin an Elite Series 150+ laser, a set of optics and goggles. In honor of us breaking 800 subscribers, this week, I decided to personally sweeten the pot with a AnnoyAtron and Magic Stick from ThinkGeek. Dude I have sent you an email requesting your snail mail address you have 72 hours to comply or we shall move on...

wicked_optics_set green_laser_shades

Let me just say this laser is insanely fun. Have a good time with it out there and be responsible - unlike some other people. Read about my run in with the cops here:

Freaking people out on the ground from a 4th floor window seemed like a good idea at the time. Then the police showed up. Long story short...

They were not friendly at first as they pushed their way in. They grabbed the laser and asked if I had any weapons in the home. PoPo (5-0, The Coppers, The Fuzz etc..) gave my laser back told me to be careful and left.

Apparently in this day and age of terror and the patriot act a high powered laser could be a terrorists weapon of choice. Probably attached to something a little more powerful than my hand (insert snide remark here).

Enjoy your new laser and AtA swag man! I hope you send us some shots of you putting it to good use. We should also add that ATA takes no responsibility for any evil wrath, maniacal plan or world domination you partake in. Holler

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