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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Microsoft tells you how to blog. Live Writer is it for You?

How Do you blog?

Do you enjoy writing in your on-line editing platform? It doesn't matter which one you use - Blogger, WordPress or something else they all suck big donkey balls.

And now get this one - Microsoft of all companies has put out a FREE tool to aid you in your quest for world domination creating the perfect posts. Go figure.


Well it is what I am typing this article on right now and so far I am loving it. I don't think going back to blogger's text box is going to be an option. It has the look and feel of word with all of your tools in convenient locations. Full on spell checking that takes grammar into context when checking your words.

Tables, maps, images, hyperlinks and video... Wait there's more - Add a Plug-In??

I'm in love.

Not like ridiculously hot woman love but like Fire Fox love. The same way you can completely customize the shit out of your browser you can customize your Live Writer. Add an extension like this one:

SnagIt Screen Capture Plugin:

Provides sophisticated screen captures directly into Live Writer. Utility allows for many of SnagIt's capture options, use of the preview image editor, and directly embeds images into the current post.

Now that's a Plug-in I can use for sure! And how about this one?

Paste From Console

Paste text copied from console. This will paste with a fixed width console font, optionally compensate for console line wrapping, and optionally format the console prompt and input separate from the console output

So here I am coming on the point of my article writing where I like to preview and edit my text before adding pictures. Windows Live Writer grabs your template so it can format the new post and show you a preview of it on YOUR site. How dope is that? Maybe you are curious to a word count? That is a plug in as well. I am going to be using it for a little bit and check it out. Questions or Comments? Love it or hate it?

Hit us up in the comments! Oh and here is the link to Windows Live Writer home page and a direct link to the download. You know how we do :)