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Monday, December 03, 2007

Instant Housecall Revisited + Contest

We spoke with Corey Fruitman a while back and gave their Remote Support Software a test drive round the virtual block. We had our say and submitted some feature requests and here we are revisiting it with a new version number.

It is more or less like the ultra VNC Single Click we showed you here but oh so much slicker.

This service/web app gets installed on the technicians machine and then you get a custom url to send your client to. You get to customize this screen include payment options and so much more. Check out our start page here We can have ten different technicians All over the world using the site at the same time. This small expense will make your small consulting gig out of your moms garage look alot more professional.

The possibilities are endless. They have a free trial but if thats not good enough we will be having a contest to give away some pro accounts. If you download the Specialist sign-in you'll see the free trial there, loud and clear.

An article contest you say?

If you are still reading this then you are probably interested in the service. All you have to do is submit an original technology related article (submit at asktheadmin dot com) that YOU would like to see up on AskTheAdmin.

Our Grand Prize winner will walk away with A one year pro account absolutely free! Even if you are defunct at writing and want to get your tech support on you can still come in second or third place. Bonus points for being creative, making us laugh or severely kissing up. A bunch of entries of this nature will be selected and two drawn at random to win second and third places. 3 month and 1 month respectively.

No one is excluded come one come all.

Instant Housecall lets you view and control your customer's PC remotely with no pre-installed software. It works through firewalls and routers with no configuration. It's easy to use, even for novice PC users.

Feature-wise, here are some of the biggies...

  • Anywhere to anywhere connectivity. You can work from you home, office or internet cafe
  • Works through firewalls and routers with no configuration
  • Easy to use. Even novice PC users can get remote assistance with ease
  • Access is by invitation only. No one can access you computer without permission
  • Branded for your business right out-of-the-box
  • Conference calls so two or more Specialists can help a single customer at the same time
  • SMS Messaging. The system can be configured to send SMS messages to your mobile phone, notifying you of incoming calls or calls in queue
  • Unattended sessions. If the technician is unavailable or not available, the customer can set Instant Housecall to automatically connect to the Specialist when he signs in
  • Powerful reports. Built-in revenue and history reports
  • Vista and UAC compatible. You can click Vista "Accept or Deny" elevation prompts remotely
  • Reboot and reconnect, even into safe mode!

Pricing is per technician only. One technician can help unlimited customers for free and can distribute unlimited copies of the software at no charge.

Yes it does cost money either after the trial is over or if you want to jump right in and get rid of the this is a free account text at the bottom of your page. For the occasional user you can buy sessions either 5 for $35 or 100 for $500. For people wanting to use it on a regular basis they have monthly for $119 or Yearly which breaks down to $89/month.

Let us know if you have tried them out and what you think. What do you use for remote support?