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Saturday, December 01, 2007

In FireFox how can I print to my default printer with a single click?

This came in this morning, from our buddy Peter. I knew there was a way to do it as I had modified mine to do just that. But would be damned if I could remember how.

Karl, Hope things are going well with you and baby. Here's a question maybe you can post on the site to get some answers. I do a fair amount of printing from Firefox. I can't find any way to have the print button just print the current page to the default printer (like IE does). It's really a waste of time to have to wait for the print dialog box to open every time and then click OK. Is there a setting or extension that offers the ability to quickly print a page? Peter

I used our AtA resources and hit up the bat phone... Um yeah it was actually My Dopod but using it I sent an email out to the gang. Paul from Bauer-Power.Net was the first one with the reply. He definitely gets points for clear concise answer quickly - Thats the way we do it over here. I hope this helps you out Peter!

  1. In the address bar type about:config then enter
  2. Right click in the white space and select New > Boolean
  3. Create a new string called print.always_print_silent and set it to True
So simple yet oh so functional! That will shave precious seconds off your Fire-Foxing web-printing shinanigans. What else do you guys use about:config to spruce up your Fox?

Hmm looks like we still can use some help on this one:

Thanks! That works well. The only difficulty with that one is that then it never displays the print dialog box. I guess what I was really looking for is something that works exactly like IE (didn't think I'd ever say that), where the print button is silent, but you could still change the settings by using File > Print. I'll play around with that a bit. Maybe it's possible to change only the button function or make a new button that works like IE. Thanks for the help. Peter

Any of you out in Admin land have some ideas? Hit us up in the comments show off your stuff!