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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How can I resize windows that are stubborn?

Adam Pash covered this tiny app on LifeHacker a while back. This Resizeable goodness is ever so cleverly called resizeenable and it lets you resize system windows that you normally could not. You guys always seem to find what I am looking for before I'm looking for it! Thanks LifeHacker...

Some of you may wonder why we are so anal-retentive that we need to do this (is there a hyphen in that - wow now that's anal)...

Well screen real estate is a commodity (much like sleep these days) that we can never have enough of.

Take your resizing self over to the authors site and grab this app and you will be resizing like a pro in no time. Its 39k and the screen contents scale down or up to what ever size you choose.