Can I make a program run on my Windows XP / Vista Computer at a specific time? ... Is It Hard To Use? ~ Ask The Admin

Monday, March 10, 2008

Can I make a program run on my Windows XP / Vista Computer at a specific time? ... Is It Hard To Use?

James's question is a good one and can help you do a bunch of stuff with the set it and forget it mentality. A lot of you know about this but do you actually use it to your benefit? Keep reading...

I believe James is speaking of the Windows task scheduler. A easy versatile scheduler for any application - any anything actually. If it can be run you can schedule it! Like we showed you how to Make Outlook Your Bitch and be the master of your PC via outlook rules triggered by keywords.

MS Task Scheduler will allow you to do the same but depending on time as your trigger. Are you still with me? Say you want to run a program at a specific time like a defrag script in the early morning or how about play a audio file to wake your ass up? Launch a app that runs a script that controls a serial arm that gets you a beer at 5pm and throws it to you. Yeah the last one was a little weird but its early Monday morning and all.You get the idea - You can run anything at anytime on any schedule. The functionality is there in all versions of windows but it has lots more options after 2000.

  • Start
  • Settings
  • Control panel
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Add Scheduled task - The wizard starts hit next
  • Select the program from the list or click browse to select a Script or other unlisted Program.
  • Give your task a name in the top box.
  • How often are you going to want to run this? Select daily, weekly, When you log on, etc.
  • After clicking next you can more specific with your schedule - specific days of week, every other week, etc.
  • After pressing next you can run this job as a different local or domain user
  • Click finish or if you want you can tick the show advanced options box and it will open up the properties of your task for a little more customization.

Any questions? What do you use it for?