How can I make bulky power adapters fit into my UPS or Power Strip? ~ Ask The Admin

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How can I make bulky power adapters fit into my UPS or Power Strip?

Your Admin lives in a world of power bricks, adapters and all sorts of inconvenient power connecting do-hickeys.

It seems most manufactures couldn't care less about how many other gizmo's need to be plugged into the same UPS or Power Strip.

This PowerSquid has changed all that. At $13 I bought 10 of these and revolutionized my server racks. I can now use all my outlets and be able to unplug one unit and not pull out three more!

As usual our gadgetry wonder comes from ThinkGeek. (Our favorite is still this Annoy-o-Tron) And now if you guys decide you need a bunch of these and buy them via any link on this post AskTheAdmin will get some pennies kicked back to us towards our new server.

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Check out ThinkGeek's description and some GREAT action shots...

Most of us electronics obsessed folks know that the everyday power strip just doesn't cut it. A typical 5-outlet strip might be able to accommodate two bulky power converters, so you end up needing three of them to connect your five devices. Definitely not a pretty picture.

To solve this problem some brilliant person eliminated the actual strip and simply connected together five flexible outlets. Now your big square power converters can exist in peaceful harmony, all of them humming along in unison to the same lovely tune.

Also has these great features.

  • 5 grounded adapter-ready outlets
  • 4 foot power cord
  • Yellow lighted master switch with 15-amp circuit breaker
  • Electrical rating: 125V/15A/1875W
  • UL Listed
  • Not rated for outdoor use
  • Available in Yellow, Black or Silver!