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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Georgie From BeingFive.Com Asks The Admin A Question!

All that little Georgie, from, heard was that The Admin is a Microsoft Certified Admin taking questions. He wants to know if we have ever met Bill Gates.

Yes we have meet Bill Gates and In all fairness we do say we answer ANY technical related questions. So our answer would have to be
YES, lots of money falls out of Billy Gates pants into his couch. But, said couch is protected by Microsoft firewall so you can't get at it (Or Can You?).

We think Billy Gates SHOULD buy Georgie a Pony! What do you think? He is after all into the whole philanthropy thing isn't he?

Thanks for asking us a question George! We hope you will stop by again after all we are baby crazy now. (And no we are not calling you a baby, George. We just like kids all of a sudden - go figure!


Make sure you check out Georgies antics at his very own website - The premise is George is a five year old that blogs using voice recognition software and a microphone. We syndicate his newest toon's at the bottom of EVERY page.