How can i get more traffic to my blog-site? I have tried everything - i think. ~ Ask The Admin

Sunday, November 25, 2007

How can i get more traffic to my blog-site? I have tried everything - i think.

How can i get more traffic to my blog-site? What attracts readers to a blog? Will you look at my site Mr. Admin?

This one I'll field myself right off the bat because I have tried everything, and I mean everything. I have stayed up late nights and worked on traffic, and only traffic, for days on end. Mind you, we are talking free traffic not pay per hit or anything that costs money.

Of course, your first course of action should be to learn about tracking your new website's traffic via some sort of analytics program. We use Google Analytics and Statcounter; which seems to be one hundred percent free. Next, after you see your traffic and where its coming from and going to you should get some meta tags into the html on your site so people can find you via search engines. This is the same reason you should label your posts.

Next, make sure you have lots of solid, original content up before you start hitting up search engine submission sites. If someones first impression of your site is "sucks", they will never be back even if you totally revamped it the next day. How would they know?

Now you have a informative or entertaining site you would like to read. Get your RSS feed functioning and download your feed.

Ask your self these questions:

  1. Is it interesting?
  2. Do you like it?
  3. Is it attractive?
  4. Would you read it on a daily basis?

Make sure you get some images up there. Just text is always boring. And then, young blogger, you can start submitting like crazy to all the free search engine submission sites, rss submission sites and blog submission sites. Just Google it, they are out there! It wont help right away, but in a few weeks hits will start flowing in.

Now you should start spreading the word however you can. Start the hype. Believe the hype.

Join Join and those types of Social link sharing websites. Another word of advice: wait to hit up Stumpleupon until your site is really ready for prime time. You can only introduce a site once, and that is when you get a solid flow of traffic from them. We did it prematurely and wish we could have taken it back.

Now we know you can't post on the big boy sites that you want to grow up and be just like, but chances are you can comment. Get known.

Speak to the community
you want to win over. Show them you have something to offer. Be helpful and witty. Don't put people down, it wont help you be liked unless you are trying to get down with some sort of underground faction where that's liked.

Above all else DON'T SPAM! Don't just blatantly post your URL.

This is important because you don't want to alienate your public. You can link to posts or have a signature containing a link.

Make sure you have lots of stuff people want to read and come back to read some more.
Vary your topics and get guest bloggers on your site. Have friends that run other sites? Exchange links. Cross post. The more links back and forth the better for the spiders.

Spiders are what the search engines use to absorb your website. They are who you need to appease to get a GREAT ranking. What they do in essence is follow all of your links to other sites and then do the same there. The more references to your site the more time the spider will spend with your site ultimately leading to better rankings. Programs like Internet Business Promoter can help you pin down what you need to do to make the spiders work for you. IBP also grabs the meta tags from your competing sites and emulates spiders which never hurts.

Give your users free tools and resources they can't readily get elsewhere. Keep updating that content and don't flood your users with ads. You wont get rich off of ads. And especially if you have no traffic.

Would you want to visit your site if you were not affiliated with it? Would you be hitting up your mobile RSS reader to keep up with your site while your out and about?

Googling your search terms from different IP's and then choosing your website will slowly bring your ranking up as well. This is not a myth this makes your site seem relevant to the search terms.

Be diligent and don't give up, because that's when your results will start to come in. Its like when you stop looking for your lost glasses and find them on your head - well kinda.

I have given up before, on several sites, early on in the decade. And then a few years later, check out some stats to see a hundred thousand hits a quarter. Unreal. Keep your head up and stay at it.

Now Go Blog!

Anyone have any other tried and true solutions??? POST EM! Don't Be Shy!


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