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Monday, November 26, 2007

Futurama is back baby!

We just caught The Whole Movie a glimpse of the new Futurama movie called Bender's Big Score. This is an hour and a half of pure futuristic geeky delight. Our pre-order has been in with Amazon for months but as of now it is all over the inter-webs. I just thought you guys would want to know! And here is another little tidbit - They cover how to detect SPAM in the first clip and it is hysterical. (Just to keep it a little technical). 1 Question though if we already paid for it via pre-order is it illegal for us to watch a copy obtained from some other means? What do you think?

Bender gives up his email address reluctantly and it's: Bender@ILoveBender.com shoot him an email and he sends you back a bit of his witty Mexican humor! Viva La Bender Rodriguez. We are not advocating piracy especially for one of our favorite shows, but torrents are wonderful.

As Bender would say.... There Back Baby - Now bite my shiny metal ass!



1) Al Gore, Coolio and Sarah Silverman guest star.
2) Complete commentary by Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, and cast members
3) All new, full-length episode of “Everybody Loves Hypnotoad”, including TV commercials of the future
4) Mind-bending Futurama math lecture by Professor Sarah Greenwald
5) Promo for “An Inconvenient Truth” starring Bender and Al Gore, including commentary by the former Vice President

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of millions of people with good taste in TV cheering the return of Futurama! Fans of the series will be glad to know that the show will return on November 27th as a full-length movie being released on DVD. The initial release will be followed by 3 more DVD movies! After all 4 DVD movies have been released, they’ll be chopped up into 16 episodes which will air on Comedy Central along with NEW episodes created for Comedy Central. Welcome back Futurama, welcome back! [TheAnimationBlog]