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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is this the Google gPhone?

So apparently the rumor mill is cranking again and this time it's Google that has everyone running their mouths...

We found this picture over @ and they are reporting that China's E28 will be Google's official manufacturer of their coveted gPhone (Now that just doesn't look right).

I think it is a lot more possible that

  1. E28 is looking for a little attention
  2. E28 wants you to know their name. Oh wait...
  3. IndiaStreet made up the information then got the scoop on the blogosphere...

What do you think?

A reader writes to us with this shot of a different phone:

From their site:

we've just confirmed a tip from an industry insider that China's e28 is going to be Google's Gphone software and handset manufacturer (this is from one source only - not two as we usually receive). We have not been able to confirm whether the Chinese smart phone manufacturer will have the exclusive Gphone software and handset rights. E28 is a leading provider of mobile Linux convergence technology and will fit the Google mantra of keeping everything open.

e28's road map includes a statement about the "Era of Convergence" where converged media, converged networks, and converged devices all interact seamlessly. They also plan to implement a robust wireless VoIP system that will reshape the entire mobile industry. One has to wonder how Verizon will react to a VOIP phone unless they are receiving a cut.

e28 and partner NewStep recently completed testing of a seamless handoff of GSM/VoIP interoperability over WLAN and cellular networks and may be another reason Google chose e28 as their manufacturer. In a recent press release, NewStep Network announced their solution for fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) can now provide customers with a fully-VCC (Voice Call Continuity) compliant handset running on a Linux open source operating system from E28.

Roger Kung, chairman and CEO of E28 Limited said, “We recognize the value of assured interoperability between NewStep's leading FMC solution and our advanced open source handsets optimized for price/performance and deployment flexibility.” NewStep currently offers its' patented, carrier-class CSN server-based software platform in two versions—the CSN30 for enterprises and small carriers, and the CSN1000 for large carriers. Both platforms converge services across diverse networks to enable subscribers to have a single number, single voicemail, simultaneous ringing across multiple phones and other features like corporate extension dialing, from a single handset. [Continue Reading]