HSDPA has arrived In Brooklyn! Do you 3G? ~ Ask The Admin

Saturday, October 27, 2007

HSDPA has arrived In Brooklyn! Do you 3G?

Just A quick note.... Wait for it.... Wait for it....

I now have HSDPA and 3G in My house on my Dopod!

I wrote all about my HSDPA addiction over here. And it would make me sad to not have high speed mobile access like I did in Manhattan. I started wondering why Church Avenue and Downtown Brooklyn were getting all the love. Then in a flash over night my magic H has appeared. Now I have a evil grin - Staring at my dual monitor setup. 896Kbps to my phone is super fast so no more switching to Wi-Fi in the house for me!

Do you guys get 3G or HSDPA yet in your home cities? Get at me man let me know where the speeds at!

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