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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mac OSX Tip Of The Weekend - Ultra-Magnify

Good Weekend Ladies and Gents,

It looks like we will be doing a lot more Mac tips thanks to our free iMac. This quick mac tip can save you alot of time by giving you quick access to an ultra magnifier built right into OSX. It's done, without any prior setting changes, by holding down the Ctrl key while 'zooming in' (from bottom to top) with 2 fingers on the touch pad. Now maybe this is a trick that some people knew about, but I was shocked when a friend of mine showed it to me this weekend, oddly enough way far from civilization in the Catskill mountains. We both happened to bring our (previously unbeknown to us) matching Power books. I thought I had all the shortcuts down, but I concede my friend Junior had a great one that I had no clue about.

Did anyone else know about this?

Commodore 64 (The one you used to play Bruce Lee on)

Edit: The feature was introduced in the first Aluminum powerbooks to run 1.5GHz. Earlier aluminums, the Titanium, and almost all iBooks are missing this capability. Some (not all) of the earlier machines can accommodate the third-party iScroll hack to obtain this feature, but it doesn't interact as predictably with the control button as the Apple feature.Also, someone else reminded me to add that you also have to turn the two-finger scrolling ON in System Preferences, or else this tip won't work either._TheAdmiN_