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Sunday, March 16, 2008

How can I ANNOY the hell out of someone in my office legally?

Click here to grab one of our own!This was brought back from the AtA archives for several readers! We normally stick to our computers and such but REVENGE is always a good topic! Lets put our love of gadgets to good use...

"Alright let me start out by saying there is this woman who works in my office, who is SUPER annoying. She annoys everyone around her. She has her own office but comes over to "Visit" with everyone spreading the urgency to kill her. Now I don't want to resort to violence is there a Techie way I can annoy her?"

We have something that sounds like it might be what you need. For $10 this will be hours and hours of fun loving entertainment / revenge And AskTheAdmin gets a whole $.89! Support our "Buy Us A Fricking Server Kick" If you are going to cop one buy it from this link over @ thinkGeek - thanks guys!

Check out this information pieced together from their site:

The ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron would be useless against an army of Snowbots, but it's very effective at disturbing that guy in the sales department or your "friend" down the hall. With its thin design and embedded magnet for easy hiding, the Annoy-a-tron can be placed in a variety of locations. Select one of the three sound choices (2 kHz, 12 kHz, or alternating) and push the switch to the on position. Place it in a proper hiding spot and let the "fun" begin.

The Annoy-a-tron generates a short (but very annoying, hence the name) beep every few minutes. Your unsuspecting target will have a hard time 'timing' the location of the sound because the beeps will vary in intervals ranging from 2 to 8 minutes. The 2kHz sound is generically annoying enough, but if you really really want to aggravate somebody, select the 12 kHz sound. Trust us. The higher frequency and slight 'electronic noise' built into that soundbyte will make a full-grown Admin wonder where his packets are.

    3 simple steps.
  • Turn on.*
  • Hide it.
  • Muahahaha...

Assuming you have done your part in selecting a suitable hiding location for the Annoy-a-tron, it will do its part to drive your co-workers slowly mad with its short and seemingly random beeps. And when someone does locate the Annoy-a-tron, they're really not going to know what it is - which is almost as much fun as watching them search for it. Muahaha.

The Annoy-a-tron takes one CR2032 battery (included) and measures approximately: 2.5" x 1.25" x .3". It will run for 3 to 4 weeks on a single battery.

Some Recommendations:

  • Don't hide it inside of food (the chemicals in a burrito are known to be quite destructive to electrical components)
  • You should probably avoid the area near your local BOFH (we understand that most likely you are the local BOFH, but still please take note)
  • Yes, we realize you could buy a dozen and hide them all inside someone's office (oh, did we say that out loud?)
  • Please reserve the use of the Annoy-a-tron for deserving subjects only (we'll leave it up to you to determine who qualifies)
  • * Note: Please remember to remove the small plastic tab underneath battery.

Not convinced of the Annoy-a-tron's evil powers?

Read this letter we received from a satisfied customer and be enlightened:

Dear friends at,

I recently acquired the "Annoy-A-Tron" from your web site. Actually, I acquired two, thinking that perhaps two devices might be necessary to truly splinter the minds of my friends and co-workers. How woefully did I underestimate this powerful tool.

I have watched this simple device transform an (until-now) mild-mannered colleague into a spitting, cussing, paranoid lunatic.

He has ordered all of the staff he supervises (not a small number) to locate the source of the dread beeping before doing anything else (but since they are in on the prank, they haven't been much help). So he waits, white-knuckles gripping the edge of his desk, anticipating the next beep.

He has set a timer on his computer to track the duration between beeps. It hasn't been much help.

My favorite quote so far, nearly bursting that vein on his temple as he shouted it: "That beep has been F***ING with me for HOURS now."

He has called the facilities department to schedule a maintenance worker to investigate.

He speculates that "they" might be doing air-quality testing in the building. This beep must be some device in the ducts detecting dangerous levels of asbestos in the air. Or worse. Radon? Aerosolized mercury? Legionella spores?

The beep means something. What does the beep mean? Is it a warning? It sounds urgent, doesn't it? It's telling us to do something. But what? Replace a battery? Call the authorities? Evacuate the premises? Scrub ourselves with disinfectant and put on haz-mat suits and call our families to give them our tearful goodbyes?

I imagine that soon he will begin to take things apart. He will methodically dismantle all of the electrical devices in his office, creating an unusually precise metaphor for what is happening in his psyche.

I am reminded what a thin and fragile thread keeps us attached to sanity. Today, this tiny little device helped me break a co-worker's mind, and I thank you for the sinfully pleasurable schadenfreude.

My best to you,
Seattle, WA

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