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Friday, July 18, 2008

Amazing Tool: How can I get a dropped screw out of my server case easily? I got the Magic Stick...

John wrote in that he dropped a screw into his HUGE server case as he was about to seal it up. Now who wants to take it apart again just to get that stupid little screw?

It sure looks like the good fellows over at ThinkGeek are in our heads because they have a solution (yet again... these guys rock!)

And its only $4.99!

A magnetic stick with a led light on it! I have dubbed it "The Magic Stick". It has become an essential part of my admin tool-kit.

AtA also gets a small cut of every Magic Stick sold via these links.

So to those of you in Admin land trying to send some dough our way for our planned upgrades good looking out in advance.

If it fell in there you should be able to get it out with this Magic Stick! (Edit: I got the magic stick...what what...sorry had to do it.)

It has happened even to the best of us. You're installing that new rack mount server - hovering over a tight space, you're putting in your last rack screw as it gently slips, falling down into a maze of wires and metal brackets. Doh! Now you'll have to walk back down to the second floor just to get a single screw to finish the job.

That is, unless you have the LED Magnetized Telescopic Rescue Stick at the ready. It can easily swoop down and rescue your rack screw from its terrible misfortune.

The Rescue Stick is shaped and sized like a standard pen, making it super convenient to carry or toss in your toolkit. A quick pull extends it to over 2 feet, allowing you easily reach whatever needs rescuing. The built-in LED turns on automatically when the stick is extended, perfectly illuminating those dark corners and crevices where small parts love to hide.

The magnet is even strong enough to lift screwdrivers and other metallic objects as seen in the image below...

  • 3 x button cell batteries (included)
  • Acrylic transparent head complete with magnetic strip and White light LED
  • Auto LED 'on' when the stick is extended
  • Closed length = 6.25" (extended = 26")
  • Get your magic magnetic led stick here.