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Friday, July 18, 2008

FREE Full Hard Drive Encryption

So there you are at Starbucks sipping on your latte, and surfing on their incredibly high priced wi-fi with your brand new Alienware laptop thinking to yourself, "Self! This is a mighty good latte!".

A few minutes later, you slip into a latte induced coma (Work
with me here.)

After about an hour or two you wake up with foam and cinnamon all over your face, and a splitting headache, but that isn't the trouble. The trouble is that someone snatched your new Alienware laptop with all of your sensitive personal information (edit: a 24esque - mission impossible attempt in your stories to friends and family. We know how it goes. Que up the theme music).

Stuff like bank information, passwords, etc! No biggie right? I mean you have a pretty good password.

Seriously, who is going to guess banana12 right?


With FREE software available on the internet, you can boot up to a CD and browse files, or even change the administrators password on your laptop. Then all of your sensitive information becomes their sensitive information which they will use to take you for everything you are worth (It's called Identity Theft, look into it).

Well, the bad guys can't get to your information if you take stronger precautions to secure your data. One of the best ways you can do that is with full hard drive encryption. And lucky for you, I have tested a FREE software that can do it.

CompuSec is a free security suite that among many other things, encrypts your hard drive (including the operating system) using a fast 256bit AES encryption. When the bad guys try to look at your files, all they see is a blank hard drive.

So lets go back to our scenario then, the bad guy got your laptop, but you encrypted it using CompuSec... The joke is on him! Actually, that isn't true, he now has your $4000 Alienware laptop, but at least he doesn't have your personal information and you won't end up on Dateline's "To Catch an ID Thief."

By El Di Pablo of Bauer-Power