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Friday, July 18, 2008

I have hundres of files to rename help me Admin!

batch rename window
Yes, we know you have taken a million digital photos over the last year, on your fancy shmancy new camera. And we also know the summer is in full swing. Being the geek that you are, you could not just leave your pictures named digital_image_13456.jpg ...

We just couldn't have that now, could we?

Oh, how well we have got to know you.

Wayne from Florida wants AtA's help to create a script that will batch rename his purty pictures.Today is your lucky day Wayne - we are going to point you to some FREE software our good friend Daniel at HackYourDay blogged about.

The software is called Batch File Renamer (clever eh?) from Cerebral Synergy.

Daniel says:

Here’s one software that productivity nuts will love. If you’ve ever needed to catalog files, change extensions, add something to a filename in large batches you know the suffering that is “right click, select, type, enter” done over and over and over again. If you need a tool that can simply edit filenames, rename extensions and so on in a very powerful, customizable way, read on!...

I set out to find some sort of tool because I need to catalog files in batches of 100 about every two days. I get a batch of stuff in txt format and I need to do the following operations.

  • I need the files to be in the following format [ID - Number.txt]
  • I also need them in this format [ID - Number.html]

Practically this means that I need “032 - 001.txt”, “032 - 002.txt” and so on (all the way to 100), also in .html format and I need to be able to customize all of this because for the next batch I will need “033″ at the beginning.

Doing a Google search and trying a lot of free software that popped up I finally found Batch File Renamer. Not a fancy name, not a fancy program, but it gets the job done better than I’ve seen with other apps. First, head over to the Cerebral Synergy download page, scroll down and download Batch File Renamer.

He was able to change file extensions, mass change file names and it comes with all sorts of other free geeky options!

Check out Daniel's article at HackYourDay here and the Free Cerebral Synergy download is here.