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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Honey, We are a Ubuntu Household Now.

Flash Back Two Months Ago...

This is my first post as an Ubuntu user
. Let me give you the story how I kicked my Microsoft addiction. Well actually my computers had an intervention!

The Admin has been through computer hell these last few days. First my Dell Latitude X1 refuses to charge... So I have been trying to be savvy and save my 7 hour battery just for emergencies. This is not for the faint of heart!

After troubleshooting galore I have come to the conclusion that it's the power module on the motherboard of that mother clucker. Dell does not sell that module - but they say it should just be re-soldered. but they won't tell you to do it...Nor will they tell you how to do it with a small soldering gun...

The dude continued to tell me that I was probably better off getting a new machine. That caused me to inquire into the price of the board. He said he couldn't be sure but with installation it would be in the area of a G bone...Without the processor!!! I didn't pay a thousand bucks for the whole thing (I love eBay)!

I found a spot downtown, near my office, that says they can fix it for me for $250. We'll see about that! Then to top it off my desktop hard drive just up and died on me. I was down to running strictly off my Dopod. Which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! But we will save that for the Dopod review this weekend. (I promise... Stop the emails... No Wait We Like Them... Keep The Emails Coming!).

I was so fed up I just pulled the hard drive out connected via a IDE to USB joint and popped an UBUNTU CD into the drive. I pushed a 4gb memory stick in that bitch and called it a day. Out of the box all I needed to do was activate the network and that's it. I was off Ubuntuing around. Firefox, Gimp, MSTSC... I was golden. I haven't found anything that I can't do in Ubuntu yet - built in Bit Torrent client, CD/DVD burning tools and a repository with a shit-load of other crap you don't need but will probably download anyway!

Then I went to try and explain this to the wife :)...

Honey, We use UBUNTU now... Its the same but different...

So thats it all I have to say is "go to hell you cold unforgiving Windows..." @ least until we demo Windows Server 2008 this weekend!


Anyone got any tips for an Ubuntu n00b??...

Two months later still loving Ubuntu - Actually upgraded to the Gutsy Gibson AND my buddy helped me resolder my X1. So far so good. Any other converts out there?