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Friday, November 02, 2007

BloggingZoom finally a social site for self promotion!

We came across BloggingZoom (referred to hereafter as BZ) on Courtney Tuttle’s Internet marketing blog, while we were investigating some SEO topics. And all I can say is we like it a lot. There aren't that many people on the site yet and I think they did something like 1500 uniques yesterday - but this thing has potential!

It is sort of a Digg clone and is built on Pligg CMS which is ever so popular nowadays. But the one thing that makes BZ stand out is it allows self promotion - wait it encourages self promotion! That is what we always wanted in a social website. It almost brings a tear to my eye!

Bloggers are not penalized for submitting their own content, in fact they are encouraged to submit all of their content. BZ allows you to add as much of your content as you want to a site that will get incredible amounts of traffic.

The first day running we had the number one article as you can see below: won the day with 10 zooms. The article ‘Attention Webmasters - Do you socialize? Want to make it easier?‘ Two posts from today already have over 10 zooms so we’re definitely going to have a new all-time record holder. [CourtneyTuttle]

Go sign up and Zoom us up! We want to wish the best of luck to the awesome duo who got this baby purring... Thanks Courtney and Vic! Let us know if you need a hand over there...