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Monday, November 05, 2007

An up close look at

So sometimes the Admin feels a little more like Dr. Ruth or Dear Abbey (Edit: Does she still exist?) then The Admin... So when things get a little strange I point people to Thats right I get questions about midget sex, how to keep to keep your girl from cheating and even the proper way to engage in S & M... Some of them have to be gags but then again have you ever seen some of peoples key word searches? We got a hint today off of the term "Monkey Balls Support..." I mean come on! But I digress.

Jeremy Goodrich from stopped by to chat with us for a little while on Friday., Which is a question and answer site (like AskTheAdmin for tech questions and for text messaging Q & A's). This site is geared towards personal questions and I found a lot of interesting content.

I glanced at the site and chatted with Jeremy a little more and I found a lot of what he had to say very intriguing.

  • They have over 40,000 members and have been growing at a rate of more than 4K / month.
  • They generate more than a million world wide visitors monthly.
  • To date more than 100,000 answers have been posted to the site.
  • FunAdvice launched in March, 2003.
  • The three founders of the site are Jeremy Goodrich, Ericson Smith, and Widhadh Waheed.
  • Ericson & Jerremy haven't seen each other in more than six years, and have been collaborating on the site over phone / email / and IM to build FunAdvice over the years.

Wait there's more! This 30 year old guy in the past 8 years, has started 8 companies, sold two, and currently manages a consulting business as well as FunAdvice. (Edit: Sound Familiar?? Can We Say Over extended?) Widhadh Waheed is Jerremy's wife and business partner. Ericson Smith was their partner in
one of the two businesses they sold in 2004, prior to him joining Yahoo as their first full time SEO manager.

That's pretty big! Maybe Jerremy will lend a hand to AskTheAdmin's SEO or lack thereof.

Jerremy and Widhadh have two boys, 5 & 6 years old, as a upcoming father I can only imagine how hard that is. I hardly have time for my preggo wife, consulting company, full time job and AskTheAdmin - I have a lot to learn eh?

In August FunAdvice had Mandy Moore (Edit: Who we grew to love on Entourage!) As a "Special Advisor" who was answering users questions. That's DOPE! How did you guys swing that one? Come swing by and drop some comments for our readers. Any questions for the question man?

They recently redesigned the site and with The Big Boys scooping up all the other similar sites we can only imagine FunAdvice will be next! I am going to keep a close eye on this one and when you guys are all famous and shit - you will come and say hello... Won't ya?