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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kick-ass Firefox extensions save you time and money

There are two things we hate over @ AtA : Registering for a website JUST to SEE content.That is just evil - sure you get your membership numbers up but...

We HATE you. We hate you we hate you we hate you. Did I say we hate you?

Most of you have heard of the website that provides free community user names and passwords for sites. This made life moderately easier but I still had to go to their website and look up the security information.

That is where this Firefox extension comes into play... if there is a user name and password for the site you are on and you right click on the text fields - BugMeNot the FireFox plug in offers instant gratification...

That sounds perverted huh?

Um how about Instant Population of the fields.

But wait, you say that's just one thing Admin!

Oh yeah the other thing we hate (actually there are quite a few other things we hate, come to think of it) is looking for coupon codes before checking out @ any online store. So the same author Eric from came up with the FireFox plug in called RetailMeNot...

Yup you guessed it. This one will pop up a box ONLY if it finds a deal/coupon code for the specific page you are on! Thanks Eric and Thanks John for sending this one in. Remember send your tips and tricks to

Here are the sites descriptions:

BugMeNot: Bypass compulsory web registration via FireFox’s right-click context menu. Compatible with Mozilla and current Firefox releases. Visit for full details of their service. Features: multiple login attempts, failure reporting, and auto-submit. BugMeNot is finally compatible with You can all thank Dmytri Kleiner for its success. He is an extremely talented coding guru who whipped this thing back into shape.You can change various settings in the extensions’ options menu if you use Firefox. Mozilla and Netscape’s auto-fill and auto-submit are on by default.

RetailMeNot: I’m a poet and I kind of know it. RetailMeNot, brought to you by the perspicacious minds of BugMeNot, is both a service and a Firefox extension. The extension is new and will be the main focus of this mini-review. It sits invisibly behind Firefox’s exterior, waiting to pounce on any web site that will try and make a buck off of you. As soon as it detects a web site that has possible coupon codes, it lets you know.