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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Reviewing the HP 2533t Thin Client.

I got the 2533t HP thin client in the mail a few weeks back and have been playing with it since. We covered last time what a thin client was but in case you weren't reading then and you are now... A thin client is a computer that allows you to access servers and do server side processing. There is no hard drive to store your data and no hard drive to compromise your organization when and if it is stolen.

HP configured her up with a Verizon Mobile Broadband card, pre-loaded the client software and gave me links to run Word, Excel or Powerpoint off of their Citrix server ala vpn connection. Now without an internet connection this thin clients abilities are limited. But that didn't stop me from finding ways to use it, on my way home from work.

I was able to load up internet explorer while above ground, launch my blogger interface, start composing and then when I lose my signal I can keep on composing. As long as I save it when we come back above ground I am good to go.

I spoke with the guys (and gals!) from HP who showed me how to configure the Client to have built in applications (up to 300mb worth on my 1gb SSD). I also learned how to join this guy to my domain and push domain policy onto the machine. But even if you don't have a domain you can use group policy tools to lock down USB and other options pretty easily.

The battery life was exceptional and I could go days without charging it. Another benefit of it not being the most powerful machine on the block. Users can not load up crap and bog the machine down... Verdict?

Phenomenal especially for Sales guys prone to losing their machines. This would be fantastic for any of those government officials that have been "losing" laptops with confidential information on it.

The HP 2533t weighs only three pounds and features a 12.1-inch diagonal widescreen LED display, adding a smaller and lighter option to the portfolio’s previously introduced 15.4-inch HP 6720t Mobile Thin Client. Integrated Wi-Fi certified WLAN provides access to the Internet, email and instant messaging while at work, home or any favorite hotspot, along with support for 3G broadband wireless via PC memory card slot...

...In addition, HP announced a portfolio of Citrix-Ready thin clients and blade client products is now available with Citrix XenDesktop, as well as being certified by VMware Inc. for compatibility with its VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
You know what I always say... "The Right Tool For The Job", Well that is especially true here and I am glad to grab a few of these for "Loaner" machines around the office or sending someone into the field with a specific job in mind (Not playing solitaire - I'm looking at you Johnny boy!)

The model I had came with a VIA C7-M ULV processor, 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM and VIA Chrome 9 graphics. Price: $850.