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Friday, October 26, 2007

Did you send us a 24 inch Intel iMac?

We got a package in the mail yesterday with no return address. Scary?

Scary awesome!

Someone sent us a HUGE 24" Intel iMac. That's right we said someone because we have no idea who. That didn't stop us from firing the bad boy up and seeing what she got.

2.13 ghz Intel processor, 2 Gigs of memory, 250gb hard drive and a beautiful 24 inch screen. I just downloaded and installed firefox. Now I'm staring at this Monster like... Now What??

I downloaded the Remote Desktop Client Beta from Microsoft's website so now I can remote into several severs and desktops using the new screen real estate available. Alright so I have an over glorified KVM on my hands!

It looks like we may just be covering the Leopard launch after all! We will try and get a copy over the weekend. If our wonderful anonymous Mac giver has a copy - you know where we are at. Obviously.

Should we be scared? What me worry??

Check out these pictures of the new iMac intimidating our Windows Machines.

We don't care what your intentions or hidden agendas are random gift giver! Free stuff supersedes any evil agendas. Just don't be asking us to be your cash agent in the Untied States. We don't want to hear about your hundreds of millions of dollars you need to get out of your country - we're onto that one :)