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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Array down!! Do you know about SATA Raid arrays? now with answers!

I have a buddy with a Buffalo Terastation Pro 2gb in a raid 5 array. They had major power outages in Manhattan yesterday and lets just say there was no UPS. When the power came back on the array smelled burnt and no power...

They have purchased another identical terastation but the drives show as failed and Buffalo Tech Support isnt very helpful. you figure they would want to help a customer that has purchased an expensive array and then bought a 2nd one to repair the first one that is still under warranty...

Does anyone know if I can connect these drives to an SATA Raid Controller card and have it read the data. Should i do this in Windows or Knoppix?

While your at it what are some of the advantages of SATA over IDE or SCSI?

Any reco's for a good controller card that wont give me problems?

Help hurtin' in manhattan. Leave us some comments or solutions in the comment field below or hit us @ info at dot com.


as a jumping off point I found this:
and this

24 hours later I have my frankenstein terrastation connected to a new terrastation and the drives all connected to an Pci-Express SATA Raid Controller. After figuring out their correct order and downloading a SUPER DOPE program called UFSexplorer and reading this information here: I was able to mount my virtual array. Specify my raid 5 settings per that last article and BAM! I see files... Now we are setting up the new terra station to push the data to. Wow that was exauhsting!!!
Boys and Girls the moral of the story is always use a UPS and if you want to be brave and not spend a couple bucks on a UPS then I have one word for you... Ummm maybe two... INCREMENTAL BACKUPS!!!!!