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Friday, June 29, 2007

Tmobile Wing Crippled By Tmobile??

So Windows Mobile 6 Professional says it comes with a remote desktop client but where is it on this new device from Tmobile?

I went looking for it today to access one of my servers on the fly and guess what - It ain't there! I called Tmobile on it and they said it does not come with Mobile 6 pro - according to Microsoft here .

Tmobile then went on to tell me it is a feature that most WM6 devices will not have it as it costs money for an additional licence. I don't get it! WM5 had it no problem even its predecessor had it... I can't buy it, download it, or even find it!

Another issue I noticed with this WM6 device is I can not change ANY system files on the device. I can not replace the TMOBILE home page that comes up as part of IE. I can not change other templates. I tried from the phone, from Activesync, and a few other ways that I was sure was going to work.

Anyone know a way around either of these issues? And how about a way to SIM unlock it while you are at it?

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