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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Should I get the new 3G iPhone?

AT&T has got some info posted on the new 3G iPhone if you want to go check it. But here are the AtA highlights:

  • What you need to bring with you to cop the new iPhone. (Phone Bill!)
  • The cheapest plan you can have this guy on is $69/Month.
  • Family plans can now have iPhones on them.
  • $30/month for all phones on family talk to have unlimited Texting.
Make sure you read this paragraph before you get caught out there like Commodore did with his $6000 phone bill while traveling in Mexico:

Can I use my iPhone 3G while traveling internationally?
Yes. Outside of the U.S, voice and data usage, including data usage incurred from delivery of Visual Voicemail messages, will be charged at international rates. AT&T offers two discount international data packages that can significantly reduce the cost of using data abroad. See for details and international roaming rates.

So who is getting this thing? It is almost here 7/11/08 is that magic date. Will there be lines? Will they be worse now that you HAVE to activate them on the spot? How will you be paying for your new phone? Will you sell your old one?

Will my Touch Diamond blow your cheesey iPhone out the box? Stay tuned boys and girls!