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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Play NES games in FireFox. Tuesdays Time Waster.

Do you want me to give you a minute to read the title again? This sweet find from WalYou points us to a Spanish website called FireNes. This plug in puts a multitude of NES titles in your Firefox.

Even for our friends who don't hablo the Espanolo it is real easy to install. navigate over to their website and click the link that says Instalar FireNes... Guess what that means?

Wow you guessed it on the first shot? Yes it means install fireNes... Click it and you are off.

When the install is complete you will be prompted to restart The Fox. Now you will see a FireNes option under your FireFox tools menu like you see below:

Now you will see hundreds of old school retro NES goodness in your right bar. The buttons are also intuitive A and B is actually A and B on the keyboard and the arrows control the direction. After a few minutes I was pulling my old school Super Mario Brothers tricks... [Via WalYou]

Lets hear what you got players...