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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Protect those PDF's native in OS X. Mac Tip.

As a daily Windows user I can safely say that I didn't know how convenient being able to save a document as a PDF, is without installing ANY software. Still there are the times you need to protect your documents and up until now you needed the full blown Adobe Acrobat Pro Suite to do that (Edit: Or another PDF Application) Now I have noticed that in Leopard; Cupertino has given it's users some security options.

What kind of security options you might be asking...

Well you can password protect the file and limit actions such as printing or copying text. Very cool built in options. So unless you are a crazy PDF freak I don't see a real reason to purchase a full blown version of Acrobat on a mac.

You go to save your document and choose PDF as your file type and you will see a button that says Security options. Click it and you will be greeted by this preference window:

Microsoft could learn a thing or two from the newest Mac OS. Where have their spies been lately? Or is this what we should be expecting from Windows Seven?

AtA saving you loot a couple of dollars at a time.