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Thursday, May 29, 2008

(POLL) Should we keep or dump Intense Debate for our comments?

It has been a while since I wrote about Intense Debate (ID). We used ID for a short while and LOVED it. We loved it so much we wanted our existing comments imported into the system. I was informed by Josh that we could help beta test the process. You know we jumped on board!

It has now been about 4 months since we did our import from blogger to ID and replaced ALL of our comments with ID's. There were issues immediately. The names of the commenter's DID NOT come over. So all the comments look like they are from the same person... I was told by the good people over at ID that they would find a solution and get back to me. Their solution was to replace their importer and create one that actually imports the commenter's names and stats.

So I figured GREAT! Let's do this!

Then I was told very politely that the new process won't work for me because I was already imported. Even though I specifically requested a DB backup at several points. WAIT THERE IS MORE! They WERE able to go into my DB and MANUALLY fix the comments for 3 posts while I waited patiently. I have not had any update on this in months. Now that our impending migration to Wordpress is being held up by...

Drum roll please.

You guessed it Intense Flucking Debate. Don't get me wrong I love what they want to do and how their service works but me losing ALL my ID comments when moving to WP is UNACCEPTABLE! I have spoken to the Jon, Josh and their new addition Michael to no avail. They are very polite but, polite ain't getting me my comments back.

Granted we have A LOT of comments and know that for them to do this manually would take a LONG ASS time. But we offered to help script it. See the problem is post id's. Wordpress does not import post ids and starts from scratch. If we can replace the postid's in ID's database with the newly created WP one's (Via SQL Script) that should fix the problem. But they don't want to exert themselves. Shouldn't a company that is trying to win over the public be a little more apt to help us out?

So what do you think I should do? Be heard in the comments and the poll below:

Maybe we should have went with Disqus!