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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No to all? The hidden option on Windows XP.

If you are like us and spend your days copying files here or there, you have definitely seen the prompted “Confirm File Replace” window. It shows up if there was another file with the same name already existing n the target destination folder. Like below:

This “Confirm File Replace” box has 4 buttons on it.. that’s “Yes”, “Yes to All”, “No” and “Cancel”. There is no “No to All” button on the “Confirm File Replace” pop-up dialog.

Isn't that just retarded?

If there are hundreds of duplicate files, you would have to click on no hundreds of times. Don't you wish there was a No to all?

It looks like there is a secret super special no to all. All you need to know is a key to hold down while clicking No.

Simply press and hold the “Shift” key, and then click on the “No” button. This key and mouse sequence will convince the computer you want “No to All”.

Did you guys know about this one? I feel like a schmuck all those times I spent mashing the N key on the keyboard! ...Sheeeeesh!.... [Online -Tech-Tips]