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Monday, April 14, 2008

Why my new favorite web browser is FLOCK

I was a hard core Netscape user before the days of FireFox and before that I was all about IE4 . (Sorry for the re-run but Kayla didn't let us sleep this weekend!) So I have realized change is good and you live and you learn. So when I heard about Flock, I decided to give it a go. For you Face-bookers. Flickr'ers and Bloggers you can take advantage of the built in blog editor, Facebook galore in your sidebar and the ability to view yours and your friends photo streams right from Flock. Its neat, has a cool GUI. Flock is Fire Fox like but quicker and customized for what I do. I really dig it so far.

Oh did I mention it not only uses existing Firefox plugins but has its own as well??

This truly is the social web browser. There are downfalls to parts of it like no image uploading using their blogger interface but hey, this is only a beta. It does show integration with the top blogging software and has lots of new stuff I will be exploring throughout the week. If you want to give Flock a try you can grab it here.

From their website:

Flock is a social web browser based on the open source project Mozilla. It can be called a social browser, because of its tight integration with many social networking and social media services. Changing the purpose of a browser from a non-integrated window into the web to a more participatory portal to your favorite interactive sites, Flock seeks to gain significant market share by bringing your favorite social applications one step closer.

With Flock users can do many community involved activities such as uploading photos directly to Photobucket and Flickr, accessing news aggregation services, or using blogging tools. A full list of social media/networking extensions for Flock can be found here.