Its April Fools Day! Here have some geeky pranks for any platform! ~ Ask The Admin

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Its April Fools Day! Here have some geeky pranks for any platform!

Last year I did the tin foil thing to one of my co-workers cubicles but, I felt like i was leaving out hundreds of other people... Why should they be left out of enjoying participating in Being my marks and getting pwned! :P

Oh and if you are here following a link to Google buying out it was a JOKE!

So on today's agenda I will be inverting the colors on 47 macs and leave 2 normal. [Via Julie on Pownce.]

Let the witch hunt begin! Will they turn on each other? Will they come after me? Does their Mac administrator know what it is? (Stay tuned for the answers to these and other questions!)

All you have to do for this one is:

control, alt, apple, 8.

It is actually an accessibility tool but it will still freak everyone out!

On the Windows/Linux side I will be randomly using my new favorite keyboard/mouse simulator around the office with they annoy-o-tron set to stun running in the background...

And for some fun from my desk I will mixing up some of these I grabbed from Paul over @
  1. Mouse Move v1.0: This funny prank randomly moves the users mouse to different parts on the screen at random intervals. Drop it in their startup folder, and watch them slowly go mad!
  2. Rude CD Tray: This naughty little bundle of joy causes the CD tray to pop out randomly and give you raspberries. The only problem with this one is that it happens so much, that it really draws suspicion, but it is hilarious! Once again, drop this in their startup folder!
  3. Crazy Num-Caps-Scroll v1.04: Truly a sinister prank! This bad boy randomly turns on and off your numlock, capslock and scroll lock at various intervals. I can feel the evil swelling in you now!
  4. Locker: I like this one the best because I wrote it myself. I mentioned it once before talking about a really cool scripting software called Autoit. This sucker only works on Windows XP and later. It locks the users workstation, and is set in a never ending loop. The user will unlock their workstation, then it will immediately lock again. If you put it in their startup, they will never be able to log into their computer again (Unless they kill the task remotely).
  5. Flasher: This one is friggin' hilarious if you ask me. This one will quickly flash a picture of your choosing on the users desktop at the interval of your choosing. It flashes so quickly they might think they are seeing things at first. Read the instructions, they makes sense. I recommend writing a batch script and placing it in their startup folder to kick it off.
Hmm we also have banned Vista from the workplace so this simulated upgrade to vista...Only to show a Mac OS X desktop in the end with windows logos should be worth a few laughs as well!

Blue Screen of Death Screen saver directly from Microsoft? Aw shucks I knew they had a sense of humor in there somewhere!

Check back for how they go! And let us know what you are doing to freak people out in a geeky way.

And here are some Google spoofs for today... 1, 2, 3, 4