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Friday, June 27, 2008

Yet another device to drive people crazy. Great geek gift!

I just got pinged from our geeky friends that there is a new gadget on the block. This is a follow up article to our Annoy-o-Tron Prank... Here is the Phantom Keystroker (Sounds perverted but it is AWESOME!)

We love us some ThinkGeek stuff and now they bring us this new High-Tech Office-Based Prank Device. Perfect for your prankster Admin or lonely mad scientist type...

Or how about you??!?

Before we start, let me tell you I just ordered one and have the perfect person in mind for this! This do-hickey attaches to any available usb port on a PC or Mac and that is all the work you will need to do.

It costs $25 and is well worth the hours of entertainment you can get from watching your Marks, End Losers Co-Workers go crazy, pulling their hair out of their geeky heads because their computer is fighting back. This little guy emulates a keyboard and mouse and intermittently moves or types.


No drivers needed for the easy fix! Check out this information from their website. And remember if you buy one of these via any link on this page we will get some money towards AskTheAdmin's pending upgrades! So help us by helping yourself to hours of fun!

With the advent of the incessantly beeping and easily concealable Annoy-a-tron, ThinkGeek has ushered in a new era of sophisticated office pranks sure to drive your co-workers bonkers while you snicker silently at your desk. Now the next advanced level in stealthy office-joke electronics is ready for your enjoyment. The Phantom Keystroker may look like a harmless circuit board, but it's actually a devious contraption of unlimited office-based torture.

Can you spot it? Simply discreetly attach the Phantom Keystroker to any extra USB port on your victim's computer, no drivers needed. The Keystroker emulates a keyboard and mouse and periodically makes random mouse movements and types out odd garbage text and phrases. Your hapless co-worker pal will think his computer has been possessed or infected by a destructive virus. As he writhes in anger and furiously dials tech support you can rest easy with a job well done.

Plus if you spend over $25 bucks they will throw in a Ninja Remote for FREE!

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